Leaf Star

Earth-art for the silly season: “following the (gum)leaf star”

Some of us are desperate for a star to follow:  so make your own!  Go outside (barefoot) earthing as you go.  When was the last time you touched the earth?  Earthing has been studied and found to lower blood pressure and stress responses from cortisol and adrenaline.  Breathe.  Let the silliness of the season and its pressures go.  Open to the joy of it:  giving and stars and hope and great healthy food offered with gratitude for loved ones, despite their imperfections. Feel the earth’s magnetic field always aligning with you. Its very good for us.  Keep consciously earthing.  Notice what is on the ground:  pick up what attracts you.  Don’t think about why too much.  Keep on following your nose until you know you have what you need.  Sit right down there and arrange them into your star.  Go and get your phone ( because this is better done without it.)  Take a photo and share or not as you will.  Why would you follow this star?  Where will it lead?

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