Part 3 : Heal (an excerpt)

2-41 potted plants

Introduction….“The healing benefits of nature were common knowledge in times past; the return to source in recent times reflects a yearning for balance as humanity finds itself further from nature in the technological race of ‘progress’. But now more than ever the healing application of nature is needed.

In this section, we’ll meet some beautiful examples of facilitators who know from first hand experience the healing offered through nature. We explore additional theoretical frameworks that consolidate and strengthen nature-based therapies and encourage you to further research these concepts (as they relate to your work). Validating the work and developing it with confidence is part of the process. In this way we evolve, consolidate and affirm the work for all of us. Feedback from participants in our training has been that these frameworks assist with delivering the work of nature-based therapies.

Creativity is the way the Earth expresses itself, and as such is an integral part of unlocking the healing offered by nature. Creative responses to nature’s ways are a joyous part of the work of nature-based therapy, and the variety of ways to incorporate creativity are endless. Some examples are gathered here, demonstrating powerful ways of opening the heart to the benefits of nature on the human body and mind. Animal-assisted therapies are becoming more familiar in our community. Dogs and horses who are making their way into all sorts of human spaces and are a very joyous part of nature-based therapies. Labyrinths are as popular as ever, and set in nature – the perfect backdrop to their somewhat mysterious and perennial attraction. We have been much heartened to see that some hear the call to action: activism coming from a deep connection to nature is filled with the hope, instilling a protective instinct. Here, we see how healing can come from giving back to nature – she, who offers continuously and freely, so much”.


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