To all those missing nature due to Covid 19

If you are social isolating/distancing and avoiding going out due to the threat of this virus, and missing Nature, you are not alone. In fact we are all alone together, the whole world. I hope you are able to get into a garden, your own or someone who needs help. Its a great place to isolate, among the growing. Working some pots on the balcony can do it. In fact its the main thing keeping me grounded at the moment- planting and planning the autumn garden. Seeds of purple broccoli have gone in on the new moon. And celery, that does so well this time of year. And loads of coriander because you can never have enough of that, and it won’t bolt to seed over autumn/winter. And checking the baby capsicums, that are so shiny and prolific at the moment, what sweethearts they all are. Watching the pumpkins set late fruit and taking over the veggies patch, willing them on before the frost. Saw a great Zimbabwean dish the other night on SBS with peanut butter and pumpkin shoots, that I must look up and cook. Cooking helps to ground me, especially when i go and pick something fresh from the garden, to cook with.

I must do something hands on with all the heightened thinking that gets rapid with my breath. My friend who is a yoga teacher sent out a lovely email to her class, to remind us the importance of the deep, long complete breaths. Planting trees; red and white cedars, native (Australian) rain forest trees, both fragrant flowers and deciduous, as I am preparing to move onto some land soon. It’s making me breathe fully and deep, And healing the trauma of the bush fires we have not had time to process yet. Can you get to a park/gardens? I hope so. The trees there have weathered lots and would teach us much; this too shall pass.

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