“The Authors could not have timed this book any better. Nature Heals is reassuring as much as it is informative and pragmatic. It was needed…a book for anyone looking to use nature as an educational tool in any context. This needs to be in every community builder’s pantry of possibilities. There is no denying that this is a field that is growing with the vigour and appetite of a fourteen year old teenager”

Costa Georgiadis, B.L.Arch (Landscaper Architect, Environmental Educator, Presenter ABC Gardening Australia)

“An absolutely poignant piece — of advocacy, activism, transformation, cultivating community, collectively raising consciousness to offer approaches to new challenges faced by humanity. This is a book of opportunity. Of hope. Of heart. Of dreams and of connection. Nature does Heal”

Kate Chambers, Occupational Therapist

“Inspiring, hands-on and beautifully produced, Nature Heals encourages and supports therapists and health professionals to bring nature into their everyday work. Its practical focus offers therapists a wide variety of useful, well-detailed case studies across a number of contexts with a range of clients. Nature Heals is timely, helping restore connection with nature and building relationships that invite` healing. Arts therapists can take up the opportunities and ideas in this book, and build on them within their own modalities. Therapists and other health professionals can support their own self-care by taking up some of the processes in the pages of this useful get-your-hands-dirty-with-it guide to healing through connections with nature.”

Dr. Catherine Camden Pratt, PhD, Art Therapist and Social Ecologist, Course Adviser and Lecturer, Master of Art Therapy, Western Sydney University, Australia. 

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